Generate Leads, Drive Sales, Enhance
Customer Service & Expand Your Brand with
Successful Social Media Strategies!

Many of our clients pay over $2500/Month for the same advice!

We’ve worked with and spoken to hundreds of small businesses. Despite the ABUNDANCE of information available online, business owners are still struggling to get REAL RESULTS from their social media efforts. We want to fix that!

Blair SingerSo…we’ve taken our best practices, our proven systems, the exercises we run through with clients – and packaged it all into one easy, affordable at-your-own-pace system. THEN, we’ve added access to a SOCIAL MEDIA COACH to help you be accountable to your goals!

If you are a results-driven business owner who’s MOTIVATED to use social media, and want to do everything you can do to create SUCCESS, this program is for YOU!

  • Every session is broken into bite-sized chunks with action steps
  • You will get clarity on how to get started on all the major sites – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube
  • You’ll build your own personalized strategy. This is not a one-sized-fits-all-approach
  • This is the ONLY system we know of that comes with your own virtual coach. You get UNLIMITED email access to a virtual coach for 90 days – AND a final wrap-up 30 minute private session with an experienced social media coach.
Blair Singer
Blair Singer
This team has generated REAL results for me in a very short period of time! And, knowing what I pay, this is an AMAZING deal!

Let’s face it — simply having a website isn’t enough anymore. Simply setting up Facebook and Twitter isn’t enough. You need a sound social media strategy that will drive engagement and foster loyalty.

Social MediaThe good news… only 30% of businesses use social media marketing to promote their companies – and 89% of all searches for most businesses happen online. That means YOU have a golden opportunity to out-shine MUCH bigger competitors.

The bad news… social media is already a crowded space. It’s easy to get lost among the noise unless you are taking the right steps to get noticed!

Learn proven strategies to reach and connect with your audience. Learn…

The Missing Links to Social Media Marketing
Far too many business owners don’t see results because they miss critical steps that link their actions to business results. We created a program with no missing links, designed specifically for the beginner to intermediate business audience, who wants real results, not just more “friends.”

Understand the Missing Links to Social Media Marketing, you’ll get…

Blair Singer More SALES
Blair Singer Increased BRAND AWARENESS
Blair Singer Enhanced BRAND LOYALTY
Blair Singer Improved CUSTOMER SERVICE

If you were to hire us directly to implement this system,
you’d pay between $4500 to $7500!

Instead, we’re offering this at-your-own-pace social media training program with your own virtual social media coach just

$1999 or three payments of 699

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ACT FAST – OFFER ENDS 5/31/2012!

This on-demand Social Media Marketing Training Program is UNLIKE any other because we INCLUDE your own virtual marketing coach as part of the package. In this online course, you access a private area where you can upload your questions, comments and samples of what you have done. As you go through the program, you’ll get constructive feedback from a seasoned Art Of Online Marketing Expert.

Adrianne Machina
Adrianne Machina
Your virtual social media coach is with you for 90 days, plus is available for a 30 minute wrap-up strategy call, to help you MAXIMIZE your efforts and success! This additional resource is valued at over $3500!

The Missing Links to Social Media Marketing includes the following 8 sessions:

Session 1 – Developing Your Social Media Strategy

Blair Singer Why Social Media has become an essential part of every business marketing strategy.
Blair Singer Develop a strategy that increases leads and sales.
Blair Singer 6 Time saving tips you can’t do without.
Blair Singer Adjust “old school” marketing techniques for “new school” marketing methods.

Session 2 – Getting Organized

Blair Singer Build and organize your lists to increase sales opportunities.
Blair Singer Optimize your website to attract the right traffic.
Blair Singer Effective ways to follow up – take the online relationship off-line.

Session 3 – Facebook for Business

Blair Singer Getting started with Facebook – 7 steps to creating a profile from scratch.
Blair Singer Launch successful Facebook pages and groups.
Blair Singer Business applications you can use with Facebook for more effective online marketing.

Session 4 - Twitter for Business

Blair Singer Getting started with Twitter – no experience necessary.
Blair Singer Twitter etiquette that will get you noticed.
Blair Singer Build a Twitter page, friend people and develop a strategy to grow your business.
Blair Singer Powerful applications you can use to make your Twitter life easier and more effective.

Session 5 – LinkedIn for Business

Blair Singer Boost your B2B business.
Blair Singer Create new business and generate leads.
Blair Singer Focus on your target market for maximum success.

Session 6 – Google+, Google Maps & YouTube

Blair Singer Getting started with Google+ for your business.
Blair Singer Setup and optimize a YouTube Channel.
Blair Singer How do I get reviews? How should I handle unfavorable reviews?

Session 7 – Blogging for Business

Blair Singer Blogging – What exactly is it and how do I do it to increase my business?
Blair Singer Where should I do it (Typepad, Word Press, etc) so it’s easy and efficient?
Blair Singer How often is it necessary for blogging to be effective?
Blair Singer Learn what to say to increase traffic and followers.
Blair Singer Get people to care about what you have to say and sign up for your blog.

Session 8 - Pulling it all Together & Optimizing Content

Blair Singer Use videos and pictures to enhance your brand and build your online business.
Blair Singer Feature videos on YouTube, TubeMogul, Vimeo, etc. the quick and easy way.
Blair Singer Learn the basics of SEO.
Blair Singer Discover how to use and benefit from Social bookmarking sites (StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg, etc).

When you have completed The Missing Links to Social Media Marketing Program, you will be ready to make 2012 the BEST year ever!  You’ll be able to:

Blair Singer Determine which sites and activities to maximize your time results
Blair Singer Set up Social Networking accounts you want to use for marketing purposes
Blair Singer Actively participate in your online community to  generate leads and enhance relationships
Blair Singer Search for your most qualified prospects
Blair Singer Capture contact information on qualified leads and develop a strategy to convert them to clients
Blair Singer Create partnerships with other Social Networkers that will explode your business exposure

All sessions include:

Blair Singer Examples
Blair Singer Worksheets
Blair Singer Homework
Blair Singer A virtual marketing coach, made available to you through your own personal, confidential portal where you can ask questions, show your progress and get feedback from an Art of Online Marketing Expert!


Don’t wait any longer, order today!

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ACT FAST – OFFER ENDS 5/31/2012!

Similar classes from other companies cost thousands of dollars.  Previously, we only offered this course to our private clients one-on-one. They paid up to $7500 without access to the private question area!

Now you can access this 8-Session Social Media Marketing Program with individual support from The Art of Online Marketing Experts to assist you every step of the way for only 

$1999 or three payments of 699

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ACT FAST – OFFER ENDS 5/31/2012!

Trying to figure it out yourself can waste hours of valuable time without results.
Act now and start growing your business today!